Matt Kopala: Stop Guessing: Diagnosing and Fixing WordPress Performance

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September 15, 2019

Speed matters. People are impatient. If your website or a client’s website doesn’t load quickly – within a just a couple of seconds – many visitors will abandon it completely. A slow site means lost time & revenue. But figuring out how to speed up a slow site can be HARD.

Everyone’s got a suggestion and an idea for how to fix your performance issues. Disable this plugin, try this, try that … usually just guesses, and not based on real data.

STOP GUESSING. If you have a performance issue, or just want to make your site faster, you need to KNOW exactly what is going on with your actual, live site in production.

We’ll start by with an overview of WordPress page performance, and then focus on server response times, and what affects them. We’ll take a look at tools that will tell you exactly what plugins are slowing down your site.

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