Robert Nissenbaum: Connecting the Dots: The Relationship Between WordPress, SEO, and Social Media.

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December 19, 2019

The audience will leave with an understanding of why how a WordPress site is developed matters for SEO and the role their content and social media plays in search engine optimization and driving website traffic well beyond organic search.

Websites are the foundation for a successful online marketing system. WordPress sites, however, cannot exist as a standalone entity. Search engine optimization cannot be an afterthought, nor can the core content be. It is absolutely necessary for developers, content creators, SEOs, and business owners to understand this and HOW content and social media marketing are intertwined to create successful WordPress sites.

This can be a standard talk or a “hands-on’ session. In previous talks (including WordCamp Las Vegas 2017, discussion drove the presentation. Having the ability to walk through the process, as opposed to simply explaining it, increases the value the audience receives.

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