Maziar Firuzmand: Marketing WordPress with Lean Methodology

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December 20, 2019

Being the CMO (chief marketing officer) of Artbees, I have been in the center of all marketing activities in Jupiter WordPress theme that has formed its 130000 user-base in the last 5 years. I’d like to share my experience of using lean methodology in all the marketing strategies we have employed in Artbees. In this talk I will explain the foundation of Lean methodology, the concept of feedback trio and and how it has inspired lean marketing. In the second chapter I will explain the 8-step model used in lean marketing. In the third chapter I will talk provide 12 lean practices to market a WordPress theme. Following is the questions I will seek to answer in this talk: – What is and what is not marketing? – What is Lean Marketing? – How to use Feedback Trio to evolve a product? – What are 8 critical steps to follow in every Lean marketing campaign? – What is a good metric? – How to do experiment in Lean Marketing? – What to do when a campaign fails? – What is the state of a healthy marketing campaign? – What are the ways to reach virality? – How to exert affiliate program to reach virality? – What is the role of your public image in Lean Marketing? – How to put licensing into use as a growth factor for your theme? – What are Growth Hacking tips for WordPress theme producers?

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