Shane Rielly: The Unmistakable Power Of Branding

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December 24, 2019

I’d love to share on brand building and the importance of understanding how, and why, to approach branding for any business. I think it is super valuable for business owners (and freelancers) to have a holistic understanding of what branding really is, what it encompasses, why they should pay credence to it, and how they can go about doing that.

If I was to outline the talk with a blurb it would be something like this:

“When we think of branding we almost always immediately think of the visual representation of a brand. The logo, the typography, the stationery. Obviously, the visual representation is a major part of it but a brand is so much more than what can be seen. It is essential to understand the importance and power of what branding does for a business and why you should care about yours a lot more than you probably do.

No matter what sector you’re in or what audience you are trying to reach, your branding matters. And not just a little bit.

In this presentation, you’ll find out what branding is and why it impacts everything you do in business.”

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