Brook McCarthy: When Good Clients Go Bad

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March 20, 2020

With enough experience, everyone has had clients who start off well before going rogue. They might go silent, ignore your requests for information, become unreasonable in their requests, or even refuse to pay your final invoice.

With a little preparation, you can drastically reduce these incidences while improving your professionalism, reducing your financial risk and minimising your stress to boot.

In this talk I’ll cover:

Warning signs and red flags to watch for
Designing an awesome client onboarding process to minimise the risk that clients go rogue
Specific words and phrases to use when you’re in the thick of a client crisis
How to write your own policy (even if your company consists of me, myself and I) for dealing with these situations.
Regardless of the particulars of what you do, everyone in business needs to be an awesome communicator, not just over email, but face-to-face, through video and other copy.

Communication is not just what you say, it’s what people hear. So we’re going to look at why people act the way they do, how we react to difficult or confusing clients, and how to better communicate so that you can reduce client friction as well as your own stress.

This is not a technical or complex talk.

The target audience is for website designers who have struggled with managing clients’ expectations and want to do a better job of client communications while also reducing their risk.

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