Charles Johnston: Handling Clients with Compassion, Providing White Glove Service without Selling Your Soul – Part 2

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June 15, 2020

Any designer that has had more than a handful of clients knows that they are not all the same. Just like in any business there are those that are well let’s just say a bit more difficult or hands on than others. So how do you handle these clients without losing yourself in the process? Compassion… that is right compassion is key in every relationship, even in business.
Say you have a client that quits responding to your emails, or perhaps they are late on their payments. Our knee jerk reaction is to cut them off and move on to the next more cooperative client. Did you take a moment and put yourself in their shoes and perhaps ask them what might be preventing them from meeting your expectations? Life happens and trust me you will hear every excuse in the book as a business owner. I cannot tell you how many “checks in the mail”, “my air conditioner went on the frits again”, “my car broke down”, “I got a divorce” and much more. I now know what teachers go through when the proverbial dog ate my homework is laid on them.
Through all these excuses and some legitimate reasons, as business owners we must continue to provide the impeccable white glove service our clients have come to expect from us. In this talk, Charles will go over ways of handling different clients with and scenarios with the same level of compassion and service his and hopefully your company has become known for. Key areas such as listening, responding with empathy, learning how to avoid the drama queens and what to do when you find yourself in business with them.

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