Benjamin Hanusse, Michael Bontyes: Let’s build a static React website with WordPress and Gatsby

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November 3, 2020

With the web ecosystem steadily moving towards JavaScript frameworks and JAMstack setups, let’s see how to get up to speed with those latest headless trends.

During this hands-on workshop, we will build a React front-end pulling content from WordPress with GraphQL, and using Gatsby as a static website generator. Some knowledge of WordPress Rest API, Node or React is a plus but not a requirement. We will go through each step following a homemade GitHub tutorial with concrete examples, including the initial setup and a deployment on a serverless hosting and continuous integration (CI) platform. As an extra, we will also explain how to easily make your Gutenberg layout work with your React website.

Bring your own bottle laptop (BYOL) and join us if you are curious about headless architecture.

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