Scott Wittrock, Kerch McConlogue, Colby Fayock: Lightning Round – Developer Topics

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November 17, 2020

Web Components in WordPress
Creating a consistent look across an organization can be hard when applications are written in multiple frameworks. This talk will cover how you can utilize web components in your WordPress application. By using web components you can standardize the look across properties in your organization.

Pattern Libraries for the Non-Designers
Some people call them design systems or pattern libraries. Either way they seem to be the province of designers and something that is just handed to developers. But what if you work more or less alone, having the job of both builder and designer, making decisions about design for clients all on your own, or your designer doesn’t supply enough information to easily test. A pattern library can stream-line your process by showing you and your clients a site-wide system of recurring or common design options: colors, fonts, buttons, testimonials, call outs, etc. Without including distracting content or navigation structure, it makes for easier approval of design elements.

WordPress in a Headless World
WordPress has been a key part of the development of today’s web, but with the rise of the JAMstack, where does WordPress fit in? This talk will cover about how WordPress compares to the headless options available today and how WordPress is still one of the more powerful solutions available for a great CMS experience.

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