Vineet Talwar: Google Core Web Vitals, Improving The Performance And Seo Of WordPress Websites for a Better User

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October 8, 2021

Let’s talk about speed! One of the major factors leading to online frustration is a slow website. Users do not want to wait – and if you’re not careful, this can make you lose traffic before your page has loaded! As we all know, a dissatisfied user is worse than not having users at all! A better user experience is the driver behind Google’s anticipated Core Web Vitals update, which focuses on loading, interactivity, and visual stability of a website. This talk mainly deals with how you can speed up your WordPress website and make it faster for users, thus improving their conversions, importantly before Core Web Vitals come into force. We’ll start by looking at website hosting, latency and DNS, and then discuss how you can optimize the performance of your WordPress website. Solutions will be for all sort of users, from beginner to advanced, and for different hosting scenarios. Further discussion will be about different performance optimization strategies like cutting down your queries, tweaking the code base, caching mechanism, use of cloud services, scaling up/forward and so on. All this together shall help a newbie or even someone who has their website slow and frustrating for users, faster and better optimized. Thus, saving their day and being ready for Google’s update in May 2021!

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