WordPress for Writers: Launching your Writer Website

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  1. Universe Junkies

    Down yonder in southeast Texas, Amanda here! California is getting a bit trying, yeah? It makes me bite my nails when I watch the news nowadays so I spend a lot of time writing nonfiction spirituality, exploring and educating myself and others on crystal healing, sound therapy, mindfulness, anger management, astrology, lunar living, and energy therapy. My skeptic husband and my four hippie babies (they school me on all things Fortnite, Roblox, and Tiktok😁) what’s your podcast called? I’ve spent far too much money on setting up the closet as my soundproof podcast space with all the equipment and supplies and have yet to launch yet. 😳 thank you for your video. This is an awesome feature!!


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March 21, 2022

In this session Destiny Kanno, fledgling writer and WordPress enthusiast, will walk you through setting up your writer’s website with a literature-focused theme. This is a non-technical website setup social learning space wherein we will learn by doing. By the end of this session, you will have the tools you need to apply a theme, create an engaging story publication, and set up your about page and a contact form using Full Site Editing, and the Block Editor.

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