Troubleshooting in WordPress

2 responses on “Troubleshooting in WordPress

  1. Julie

    Thanks for posting the video.
    An idea for a future topic is site speed. How to optimize or eliminate problems if you have them.


  2. Kausar Alam

    Excellent. Really helpful for me and my career.


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August 24, 2022

WordPress is awesome, but everyone runs into issues now and then. Whether you own, maintain or build WordPress sites, troubleshooting is a skill set that will save you time and money. In this session, you will:

– Learn about the types of WordPress issues you may encounter and how to diagnose them.
– Discover the step-by-step processes that will help you find the root cause of an issue.
– Learn what your next steps are once you know the source of an issue.
– Learn what information you should be providing when interacting with developers or your web host to help speed up the problem resolution process.

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