Let’s code: a beginners guide to block locking in block themes

3 responses on “Let’s code: a beginners guide to block locking in block themes

  1. Laura

    Hi, when I click on the presentation slides link I get a 404. Could you please relink? I would love to get the last slide information with all the links. Thank you


  2. Jonathan Bossenger

    Sorry about that Laura. I’ll get the link updated, in the meantime, here is the right link: https://www.slideshare.net/psykro/lets-code-a-beginners-guide-to-block-locking-in-block-themespptx


  3. Tim O'Haver

    Thanks for your comment! The link to the slides has been fixed.


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September 12, 2022

One of the concerns that developers voiced regarding Block Themes and the Site Editor is that it gives users too much freedom to edit the site design, select colors, or modify blocks. More complex websites with many editors and departments who produce content need guardrails to enforce publishing standards and adherence to brand color schemas and design systems.

In this session, we’ll be looking at the Block Locking options available in WordPress, and show you how you can restrict your Block Themes from user interference.

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