Web development strategy with WordPress and Gutenberg

6 responses on “Web development strategy with WordPress and Gutenberg

  1. nomad skateboarding

    “Your goal is supposed to be the achievement you’re creating…”

    One of my favorite presenters I’ve watched. Big ideas, simple language, actionable steps. Well done! 🙌

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  2. Maestro Stevens

    Thank you so much @nomad skateboarding. By the way, I grew up skateboarding too. I rode on Black Label decks, Tensor trucks, Spitfire wheels, and Globe shoes.


  3. Pierre Bossetti

    Thank you very much to share your knowledge Maestro. Your presentation is fire !

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    • Maestro Stevens

      @pierre bossetti. Thank you for watching and showing some love! I’m going to continue to drop many more so be looking out. You can type my name in the search.


  4. Mark

    Features…polling system, gallery, social media feed

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November 5, 2022

This presentation suggests best practices for creating a WordPress website built for performance, customization, and automation.

It explores ways for choosing plugins and themes to streamline workflow and automate common tasks. Learn more about how to use the block editor for a drag-and-drop experience to create custom pages and posts.

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