Aditya Shah: WPCLI Unleashed

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February 16, 2023

Aditya manages the Hosting Support team at WPMU DEV. He is a WordPress evangelist, and is a tech enthusiast, & has presented talks at several tech conferences including WordCamp Kochi, Google Cloud Community Days, Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp, etc. He has also been an active contributor to the community for 7+ years where he organized numerous WordPress meetups in Bhopal, India and various workshops on WordPress that have positively impacted thousands of students and professionals. Aditya introduced the WordPress Bhopal meetup Chapter in 2015 and aims to build a better and safer WordPress space by creating mass technical awareness.

Speaker Type: International

Topic: WPCLI Unleashed

Topic Description:
Remember the famous WordPress “five-minute installation” process? Find out what you can do using WP-CLI in minutes. Learn WP-CLI from basic to advance and everything else that can happen from the terminal in 25 minutes.

Intended Audience: Beginner to Intermediate

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