Website auditing and conversion optimization

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August 19, 2023

Have you ever stumbled upon a website and you were just awestruck by the look and feel of the website? Perhaps all you said was “Wow!” and you couldn’t stop scrolling through the website. On the other hand, have you ever stumbled upon a website where your reaction was “Whuuuut?” and you didn’t wait another second to leave the website? There are certain measures that make your site amazing, flawless, average, or worse. But most businesses simply ignore the part of maintaining and continuously improving their website.

Let’s talk about website auditing. What are the measures that can make or break a website? While there are different standards of rating a website in terms of UX (user experience), design, performance, and security, this talk will mainly focus on UX, followed by some real time examples. We’ll look at how businesses can improve the user experience, and thus convert users into customers.

It will be a fun session about improving websites with regards to user experience, what kind of behavior you can expect from users, and what one can do to have better conversions.

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