Take Your WordPress Site To Another Level Using AI Translation

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September 10, 2023

A common challenge for organizations, projects, and businesses is attracting more people. On the other hand, reaching a wider audience has never been easier, and translating your website can be a crucial step. People simply prefer reading content and doing business in their native language.

However, without the right tools, it can be both expensive and time-consuming. This is where automatic translation can give you an edge. Today, it is often indistinguishable from human translation. Plus, it’s super quick and affordable.

This is what I’d like to talk about – how to use AI translation to translate your website and find a bigger audience.

This topic is relevant for the WordPress audience because of the language barrier most of us face in the often English-first world. I’d like to show how something that seemed too expensive and complex just a few years ago is today easily achievable.

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