Leading with cultural intelligence – strategies for breaking the invisible boundaries of global business

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October 1, 2023

The business ecosystem around WordPress is multicultural and distributed. The strive for diversity, autonomy, and location independence that governs the open source world is what businesses have been successfully adopting so they can win clients all over the world and hire amazing talent.

But even though global business speaks English, very often we don’t understand what the other is trying to communicate. Remote companies operating in different regions, like the one where I work, often fall short when it comes to effectively implementing practices that seem to work great in the West, in the East.

How do you navigate the minefield of culture-based misunderstanding?

In this talk we’ll dig into some of the big invisible boundaries of global business and look at ways to help us bridge them based on the experience of a former rookie who joined the Polyglots WordPress team consisting of 20 000 contributors speaking 200 languages on a whim and then found herself resource managing a team of 50 engineers and project managers across APAC, Americas, and EMEA.

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