Empowering women through code: unleashing the power of diversity in tech

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October 21, 2023

Failing to pursue a career in IT as a woman from an underserved community is often not a lack of motivation but a lack of access! In Uganda, for example, young women encounter multiple challenges in accessing adequate and formal employment opportunities. The growing demand in the IT sector, however, represents a turning point both for young talent with unmet potential and the constrained market by matching the skills demand – a real chance to create meaningful win-win situations.
Unfortunately, to this day, women are less likely to be employed in the tech sector – and when they are, they get paid less. The gender pay gap of 21.1% in the tech sector, higher than the median gap for the general economy, reflects the urgency for meaningful change. The same happens in African countries, such as Uganda, where the gender gap participation in the tech industry is widening, and women often find themselves stuck in junior and learner roles, hindering their growth and career progression. To address this issue, we at Groundbreaker gGmbH believe it is essential for companies from the Global North to take action and support female talent in sub-Saharan Africa. Implementing a progressive form of corporate giving and engaging employees in a mentorship program can be a powerful step in this direction.
For 5 years, our non-profit organization has been committed to bridging the gap between local initiatives in the Global South and motivated donor companies in the Global North. Our IT scholarship program, “Groundbreaker Talents,” exemplifies our approach to creating win-win situations for young talent and tech companies alike. By focusing on young women from the most underserved backgrounds, we believe in driving change with a gender-centric approach.
Let’s explore how tech companies can move from generosity to effective altruism and how we can all become agents of change to foster diversity and equality in the IT industry!

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