How to Focus on Customer Success to Grow Your Business.

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November 21, 2023

Being Human: In today’s digital age, businesses often lose the personal touch that was once a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Michelle emphasizes the importance of maintaining a human connection with customers. This involves genuine communication, avoiding impersonal email-only interactions, and allowing customers to connect with real people. Being human builds strong customer relationships and fosters loyalty.

Investing in Tools and People: Modern technology offers various tools to support customer success without the need for traditional phone systems. Michelle suggests investing in tools like to enable efficient communication between customers and customer success experts. These tools help maintain accessibility, automation, and personalized support.

Choosing Words Carefully: Michelle advises against overusing generic phrases like « thank you, » which can go unnoticed. Instead, she suggests using language that inspires and reinforces the customer’s decision to work with your company. Crafting messages that convey excitement and enthusiasm can help build a lasting relationship with customers.

Apologizing Appropriately: While apologizing is essential when necessary, Michelle suggests using nuanced language when addressing issues with customers. Instead of a simple « I’m sorry, » she recommends phrases like « it’s unfortunate, » which express empathy without necessarily admitting fault. This approach helps maintain professionalism while addressing customer concerns.

The core message of Michelle Frechette’s presentation is that by focusing on customer success and loyalty, businesses can reap numerous benefits, including easier sales, stronger client relationships, smoother renewals, more recommendations, and improved bottom-line results. To achieve this, it’s crucial to create valuable products, be genuinely human in interactions, invest in the right tools and people, carefully choose your words, and apologize appropriately when needed. Ultimately, dedicating a team to customer success can contribute significantly to the overall success of an organization.

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