Producer: Dani'el van den Berg

  • Vitaly Friedman: Behind the Scenes at Smashing Magazine

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Vitaly Friedman

    February 27, 2014 — Smashing Magazine started in September 2006 as an almost unstyled WordPress-powered blog. Over the course of years, a simple blog evolved into a professional online publication with a thorough editorial process and numerous quality reviews. How did it happen? What lessons were learned along the way? In this talk, Vitaly Friedman, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, will be speaking about the experiences, mistakes and failures of Smashing Magazine and how recovering from them helped make the magazine better, stronger and more successful.

  • Bram Duvigneau: Practical WordPress Accessibility

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Bram Duvigneau

    February 27, 2014 — In this presentation I will give an overview of the current state of WordPress accessibility and why building accessible software is important.

    Through some examples I will show how certain accessibility techniques influence how assistive technology is reading a web page.

    I’ll give some tips and pointers to theme and plugin developers and finish with a Q&A session.

  • Sara Rosso: Why Big Brands Love WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Sara Rosso

    February 27, 2014 — WordPress now powers more than 18% of the top 10 million sites in the world, and some of the brands and enterprises using WordPress might surprise you! We’ll take a look at the latest sites which are pushing WordPress to new heights, the compelling reasons they decided to go with WordPress, and what they learned along the way. We’ll spend some time busting myths about WordPress as well as provide some great examples of powerful and beautiful sites using WordPress that will be interesting and useful for developers, designers, and users alike.

  • Roció Valdivia: BuddyPress and Multisite Case Study: El Club Express

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Rocío Valdivia

    February 26, 2014 — Rocío will be taking you on a tour of El Club Express, a WP Multisite + BuddyPress website, that is a what’s on guide and magazine for cultural events. She’ll highlight some of the most interesting features, demostrating all the potential that a WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress combination has. She’ll talk about her successes and lessons learned and how you might apply these in a real world context.

  • Vladimir Prelovac: From plugin developer to running a successful WordPress business: A ManageWP Case Study

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Vladimir Prelovac

    February 26, 2014 — Interested to learn what it took to cross the road between being a plugin developer to running a globally successful business using WordPress as an app platform, and all that from a country that only got PayPal this year? Learn about the difficulties, hard lessons learned, creativity, and the joys of success.

  • Samuel “Otto” Wood: On Internationalization: Plugins and themes for the whole world

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Samuel "Otto" Wood

    February 26, 2014 — Almost 40% of WordPress downloads are for localized versions. WordPress has good support for I18N, and is well-translated into many languages, but is your plugin or theme? Let’s talk about how to get translations working across the whole community, and how to get translations out to your users.

  • Andrew Nacin: WordPress 3.7: Foundations

    Speaker: Andrew Nacin

    February 26, 2014 — Andrew talks about what WordPress 3.7 introduces.

  • Panel: The State of Multilingual WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speakers: Simon Wheatley, Frank Bültge, Amir Helzer

    February 25, 2014 — WordPress is used all over the world, with versions supported in more than 70 languages. The polyglots team provides translations of the WordPress back-end, but what are the options for creating a multilingual website? Different solutions have been developed for creating websites that can display content in multiple languages but as yet no canonical method exists. In this double session, three developers will each present on their method for creating a multilingual WordPress website.

  • Frederick Townes: Business Optimization

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Frederick Townes

    February 25, 2014 — If you’ve ever wanted to make your WordPress passions a full time job you’re not alone. It’s a long journey to go from idea, to a documented, commented, socially mentioned, commonly installed and productive project. In this talk, Frederick reviews many of the tough lessons learned in trying to both build a team, community and movement around a WordPress plugin. He will share tips, best practices and pitfalls and most importantly how to address them once identified. Expect the talk to be highly interactive, the more questions and interruptions you provide the more valuable it will be.

  • David Coveney: Unlocking Enterprise with WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: David Coveney

    February 25, 2014 — WordPress is used by lots of businesses, and it certainly has a space in the enterprise world. In this talk I explore how WordPress is used by business, in particular those in Europe, and show how the services and culture around large scale WordPress have worked beautifully for the US market but have limited the potential of the platform in other marketplaces. I also find the platform’s weaknesses, and illustrate what we could do as a community to make our favourite CMS a better fit for those large, risky projects that seem to end up going to Drupal or, worse, high cost supposedly enterprise grade content management systems.