Producer: Dani'el van den Berg

  • Kim Gjerstad: Is the Freemium Model Right for Your Plugin?

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Kim Gjerstad

    February 25, 2014 — You want want to make a living from a plugin? Kim will walk you through 2 years of his own experience building a business out of a plugin. He’ll delve in the freemium model. Hard and easy lessons, you’ll learn from him.

  • Hanni Ross: Being Part of WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Hanni Ross

    February 24, 2014 — Have you every wondered how you can be part of WordPress? Do you want to contribute to the project but can’t quite find where to start? Don’t worry. Even if you don’t write code there’s a place for you. Everyone has their own niche: there are hundreds of community members doing support, writing documentation, translating WordPress, and organising events. If you’re intrigued come along to learn how to be part of one of the most diverse open source communities around.

  • Matt Mullenweg: Q&A

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Matt Mullenweg

    February 23, 2014 — For an hour, Matt will be answering your questions. Want to know about the future of WordPress? Want to know what why a specific decision was made? Interested in what people are doing with WordPress worldwide?

  • Miriam Schwab: Learn from my mistakes, don’t make them: The Business of WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Miriam Schwab

    December 12, 2013 — We will discuss common issues that can face WordPress service providers, ranging from how to get more clients, pricing, contracts, project management, staying up-to-date, finding other people to hire or work with, marketing, sales, etc.

  • Tammie Lister: The Life of a Theme

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Tammie Lister

    December 12, 2013 — This is a tale of a theme, from its early stages of research through to the first steps into wireframes and the move into a prototype. It’s a tale of joy, sadness and a dash of danger as browsers are fought and code tamed. This is a story that doesn’t include Photoshop but that does include designing in code. It’s a story we all know variations of and this is my version. This is the story of my design process and how I create themes.

  • Joost de Valk: The Victory of the Commons

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Joost de Valk

    December 12, 2013 — If you’re running a business based on open source software like WordPress, your business depends on the prosperity of that project. The demise of the project could easily be the demise of your project and the project’s growth could lead to your business growing immensely. The larger your business becomes and the bigger the impact of your company on the project, the more this is true. Economically this is a very unusual situation. Joost will explore what this means and how you should deal with it.

    This is pure economics; it starts with the well known story of the Tragedy of the Commons but, applied to open source, leads to a completely new outcome. If your business is build on WordPress, you should be here to listen to Joost’s talk and discuss afterwards.

  • Ptah Dunbar: Unit Testing like a Pirate

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Ptah Dunbar

    December 11, 2013 — What are unit tests? Why put the effort into writing unit tests? You might say, “Heck, I know my code works because I wrote it, sniff”… Besides, what do sustainable unit tests look like so I don’t have to spend all of my time on them? If this sounds familiar, this talk is for you. You will be introduced to the world of testing, with a focus on testing at the unit level, along with demonstrating practical examples for WordPress plugin development.

  • Floor Drees: Working Towards Great Version Control for Content Creators

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Floor Drees

    December 11, 2013 — As someone who writes with other people, I often encounter the same problem: you either email tiny changes to your article to the one who’s ultimately responsible for the website, which is bound to go wrong. Or you log into your CMS, make some changes to your piece and save it, while one of the other editors does the exact same thing, just using another shiny laptop. Changes get lost. Stuff gets added twice and you end up frustrated because the preview doesn’t reflect your work. Now this is annoying as it is, but if you program a bit on the side (like I do) and you use version control, you know that there is a solution for that. For WordCamp, I’ll gather my thoughts on what would make a great version control tool for WordPress and test existing plugins by these requirements.

  • Mónica Guerra Leiria: Between Glorified Computer Interface and Ultimate Narcissist: delivering what the client needs

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Mónica Guerra Leiria

    December 11, 2013 — When doing client work there is a fine line between what the client wants and what we, as designers, would like to deliver; balanced on that line is what the client truly needs, and achieving it takes more than talent – it takes self-restraint and great communication skills.

    Every designer has, at some point, been faced with that client who has a need to micromanage every aspect of the design, who relentlessly attempts to relegate the designer to the same role one would a keyboard or a mouse. This is a talk about the design process, about the pitfalls that lie in bowing to the client’s wants instead of tirelessly seeking the answer to their needs, and about the other fine line in this equation – the one between subservience and ego.