How to Install Jetpack Site Stats on your WordPress site

3 responses on “How to Install Jetpack Site Stats on your WordPress site

  1. Justin Robins

    So the jetpack is not just stats? In know you said you’ll go over other features in the future, but I was just wondering. Thanks!


    • Jerry Bates

      Hi Justin. Yes, Jetpack has many modules included, which give self-hosted users of WordPress access to some of the features included in sites. You can find out more here:

      On the Jetpack site, you can click on any module for more information and setup instructions. 🙂


  2. Lorenzo Caum

    I’ve found myself using the analytics through JetPack more than Google Analytics.

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March 18, 2013

Understanding the kind of traffic you have on your website is the first critical step in making it better optimized for visitors and search engines. We show you how to add Jetpack to your WordPress website, and how to configure site stats to display analytics directly in the dashboard of your site.

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