Speakers: Rene Ramirez

  • Arsen Rabinovich, Rene Ramirez, Sarah Decker: Real-Time SEO Site Audits

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2018Speakers: Arsen Rabinovich, Rene Ramirez, Sarah Decker

    December 17, 2018 — Join the team of SEO experts from TopHatRank SEO as they provide attendees with actionable SEO recommendations and solutions. They’ll audit your site on stage in real-time proving you with actionable SEO solutions to your existing website. No theoretical solutions or hypothetical scenarios in this session. You’ll walk away knowing what you need to do to your website.

    3-6 attendees will have the opportunity to get their site audited and everyone else can watch and learn from these real world examples!

  • Rene Ramirez: Measuring Success – A Guide to Using and Understanding Google Analytics

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2018Speaker: Rene Ramirez

    December 14, 2018 — This presentation will start with the basics behind Google Analytics and dive into intermediate level guide to using the dashboard as well as procedures and process for the following:

    – Basics of installation
    – Setting up a dashboard
    – Getting comfortable with the terminology and what everything means.
    – Analytics channels and conversion tracking

    My goal is help attendees understand that Google Analytics is more than just tracking “number of hits”, but it also contains a wealth of information that can help them get the most from their site.

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