‘Community’ Videos

  • Allie Nimmons: Five Ways to Make Your Events and Projects More Diverse

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2020

    October 31, 2020 — This talk suggests five ways to help enrich your space with more diverse kinds of people. The tech space could be more diverse, but whose responsibility is that? What are the best ways to increase diversity without tokenizing people?

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  • AmyJune Hineline: Inclusive Content Strategy

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2020Speaker: AmyJune Hineline

    October 31, 2020 — Inclusivity is at the heart of an effective content strategy. Accessible code may be imperative for inclusion, but the value of code is compromised when content is not meaningful to our readers.

    This talk explores what we can do as content authors to ensure our readers feel that we are speaking with them, not at them. It reaches beyond semantic markup and structured content to recognize the strategic value of inclusive content.

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  • Michelle Frechette: Cups, Community, and CoffeeTalk: Lessons Learned Over 100+ Episodes of WPCoffeeTalk

    WordCamp Rochester, WordCamp Rochester 2020Speaker: Michelle Frechette

    October 21, 2020 — Over 100 guests of the WPCoffeeTalk podcast have been asked the same set of questions in order to learn about them, their work, and their community involvement. This talk shares data, anecdotes, clips, and conversations that not only characterize the guests but also suggest who we are as a community.

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  • George Mount: Blogging Effectively About Coding

    WordCamp Denver 2020Speaker: George Mount

    July 8, 2020 — The WordPress community thrives when we share our technical expertise with each other. But, we’ve likely all met someone who is technically brilliant but struggles as a teacher.
    In this talk, I will share my tips and tricks for developing effective technical instruction from over six years of blogging and online content creation. While my background is in data analytics, users in web development, technical writing and other fields will benefit from a discussion of blogging effectively about tech (particularly code).
    Not only will attendees have a path forward for developing solid technical blog posts, I will lay out the win-win that this skill will have on their careers and the community as a whole.

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  • Michelle Frechette: Cups, Community, and CoffeeTalk – Lessons Learned Over 100+ Episodes of WPCoffeeTalk

    WordCamp Denver 2020Speaker: Michelle Frechette

    July 6, 2020 — In less than a year, over 100 guests on WPCoffeeTalk have been asked the same set of questions in order to learn about them, their work and their community involvement.
    What we’ve learned is that they have so much to offer, and so many different perspectives, talents, passions, and interests.
    Our aspirations are varied. Our inspirations are many.
    This talk will share data, anecdotes, clips, and conversation about who we are as individuals, and who we are as a community.

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  • Raquel Landefeld: Community Building: From Twitter to #IRL

    WordCamp Montreal 2019Speaker: Raquel Landefeld

    July 4, 2020 — The WordPress community is wonderfully contagious but the honeymoon is over. We’ve hit the point where now more than ever, real-life interaction is needed. We can’t hide behind our keyboards anymore.
    My session will provide examples and how-tos on building community in real life. We will go into social media platforms and how it’s a start, but then we’ll dive deeper into IRL engagement; What does this look like? How can one start?
    This talk will also go into the importance of community, and how intentionally building community will directly affect the social trajectory of our neighborhoods all the way up to our nation and even the world.

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  • Mary Job: How we grew a diverse Nigerian WordPress community

    WordCamp Europe 2020Speaker: Mary Job

    June 21, 2020 — Mary will be sharing her experience of building the WordPress community in Nigeria, detailing how the Lagos community went from 147 members to 2,300+ and grew from one event in two years to monthly events for the past three years.
    She will tell the story of how the community expanded from being in only two cities with Meetup groups in Nigeria, to involving people across 21 cities and all within the past three years. When she started, Mary says she was just a blogger using WordPress.com and she was new to self-hosted WordPress technologies. She says she made a lot of mistakes, but also learnt a ton on this journey, and is still learning, as she looks forward to hosting a WordCamp Nigeria, West Africa, or Africa in the future.

  • David Bisset: Why the next generation is critical to the survival of WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2020Speaker: David Bisset

    June 19, 2020 — While WordPress does need to be more open to youths and the next generation, it’s also vital to realise that the next generation needs to embrace WordPress. Otherwise, WordPress will become another relic like MySpace, AOL, and even Facebook. Why are these platforms relics? David’s talk will explain all.
    The audience will be quickly shown why it’s important to pay as much attention to the “next adopters” as it is to advancing technologies like Gutenberg, REST API, and accessibility. The talk will explore what the community can do to be more open and receptive – from organisers to developers.

  • Cate DeRosia: The Unpredictable Value of Community

    WordCamp Jacksonville 2019Speaker: Cate DeRosia

    June 7, 2020 — This talk explores the positive impact of being part of a community, including both the value to the individual as well as those around them. It covers various social benefits like global friendships, having an office environment–even if you work on your own–and a network of professionals. Beyond that, I also discuss the increased job and volunteer opportunities that can change lives.

  • Francesca Marano, Umar Draz: Building a WordPress community

    Livestream 2020-Feb-22Speakers: Francesca Marano, Umar Draz

    June 1, 2020 — A two-person panel, featuring Francesca Marano and Umar Draz, discussing how to start and maintain a healthy, local community. Some of the questions covered:
    – Why did they start the community?
    – What issues did they faced (and are they still facing)?
    – What advice would they give to others that are thinking about starting a local community?