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  • Kat Christofer y Raúl Antón: Salmorejo for Success: How to Be Super Productive as a Remote Worker

    WordCamp Granada 2018Speakers: Kat Christofer, Raúl Antón Cuadrado

    November 23, 2018 — We have two recipes on how to be a highly productive remote worker, given from different perspectives and in Spanish and English.

    Raul works primarily from a stable environment, is married and has three children. His tips and tricks apply to everyone working from home, an independent office or a coworking spot. En Español.
    Kat works primarily from a changing environment with varying WiFi/data speeds and connectivity, different languages and time zones. Her hints and hacks apply to everyone who travels one day/week/month or all year. In English.

    We’ll have a Q&A session, plus invite the community to add “new ingredients” to the recipe based on their experience.

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  • Shunsuke Shimada: WP REST API と React で始めるリモートワークでの有料 Web メディア開発

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Shunsuke Shimada

    October 22, 2018 — Web media paysite development with WP REST API and React

    WordPress で運用されているとある大手出版社の有料 Web メディアに副業エンジニアとして参画し、リモートで開発を続ける様子を、WP REST API + React の事例を含め、リモート開発に使用しているツールや運用改善などをご紹介しようと思います。

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  • Daisuke Kawabata: Hire Globally, Work Remotely – あなたも明日からできる ! グローバルチームを組成して一緒に働くチャレンジ

    WordCamp Tokyo 2018Speaker: Daisuke Kawabata

    October 20, 2018 — Hire Globally, Work Remotely – You can do, too. How to organize global team and co-work with them.

    WordPress 関連の制作会社やスタートアップ、そしてフリーランスの方には、求人や協業相手を探すことにお悩みの方も少なくないのではないでしょうか?




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  • Comment piloter à distance ses équipes ou la boîte à outils de tous les télétravailleurs

    WordCamp Lausanne 2018Speaker: Emilie Lebrun

    October 9, 2018 — De plus en plus d’entreprises permettent ou sont 100% en télétravail, tout comme chaque année des dizaines de WordCamps sont organisés à distance. Cette nouvelle façon de collaborer offre de nombreuses opportunités et bénéfices pour les salariés mais entraînent également une remise en question des outils et du management.

  • Katarzyna Janoska: WordPressowiec zdalny, czyli jak podnieść efektywność pracy z domu

    WordCamp Poznań 2018Speaker: Katarzyna Janoska

    September 24, 2018 — Pracujesz z domu. Twoja mama myśli, że cały czas siedzisz na komputerze, Twoi znajomi sądzą, że zawsze masz czas, Ty masz wrażenie, że ani nie pracujesz, ani nie mieszkasz. Jak wycisnąć więcej z pracy z domu? Jak wykorzystać przewagę domowego biura nad wychodzeniem do miasta? Kasia podzieli się swoimi sprawdzonymi sposobami na podniesienie efektywności pracy z domu. Dowiesz się jak przyspieszyć pracę z WordPressem, jakich narzędzi użyć, żeby skuteczniej skupiać się przy komputerze i które sprzęty w domu pozwolą Ci od niego odejść, kiedy trzeba. Zdradzimy, w jaki sposób udaje mi się wyraźnie wyznaczyć czas na pracę, czas na domowe obowiązki i czas zupełnie wolny.

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  • Stuart Shields & Tarei King: Throw away the commute: Stories of two remote workers.

    WordCamp Brisbane 2017Speakers: Stuart Shields, Tarei King

    August 9, 2018 — Remote working often conjures images of beaches, laptops and cocktails, but for some – remote working can be as simple as swapping the office, for a space at home.

    Stuart and Tarei discuss some of changes, challenges and benefits when working from home as WordPress engineers for a distributed WordPress agency.

    These discussions are for the freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, misfits and those who are interested in potentially making the move to remote working.

  • Ben Meredith: How To Hire and Keep Remote Workers Who Rock

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2017Speaker: Ben Meredith

    July 10, 2018 — Are you looking to hire remote workers to scale your business? Want to find cream-of-the-crop developers, support reps, or others?

    Ben is the Senior Support Technician at WordImpress and was their first full-time remote hire. Come to this talk to hear from the employee’s perspective how the team at WordImpress has gone above and beyond to support him and make him not just feel like a part of the team — actually make him a part of it.

    This talk, geared toward WordPress agency owners and HR folks, will cover the following topics:

    – The fastest way to burn out remote workers and how to avoid it.
    – The one non-negotiable quality to look for in a remote worker.
    – Tools to effectively manage remote employees without micromanaging them.

    Plus come for the one key thing you are forgetting to look for in applicants to work remotely.

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  • Rafael Funchal: Automattic: A empresa por trás do WordPress.com e muitas outras empresas

    WordCamp Porto Alegre 2018Speaker: Rafael Funchal

    May 31, 2018 — Trabalho remoto, código aberto e ótimas pessoas!

    Conheça mais sobre como é trabalhar na empresa que recebe 183 milhões de acessos mensais só nos USA.

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  • Pam Kocke, Karen Arnold: Remote Work: Challenges and Opportunities

    WordCamp Manchester 2017Speakers: Pam Kocke, Karen Arnold

    December 12, 2017 — Remote work has been called the future of work. While many WordPress based companies both large and small work remotely, it’s not always easy, there might not be options for co-working spaces in your area, you may not be able to work effectively from home, etc. How do you stay focused, how do you communicate effectively with your team, your boss? This talk will cover why remote work matters, whether or not it works, real life stories, and resources for finding remote work.

  • Elizabeth Urello, Zandy Ring: Remote Control: Establishing accountability and shared expectations in a distributed environment.

    WordCamp US 2017Speakers: Elizabeth Urello, Zandy Ring

    December 10, 2017 — Those of us who collaborate on websites work with coworkers, employees, and freelancers who often aren’t in our office, our city, or even in our country. When work is remote, new challenges arise: people can find it harder to stay motivated, to communicate goals and accomplishments, and to check in effectively. This talk is about how to lead others from a distance toward a common goal. How do you build and maintain working relationships and get things done correctly and on time when you aren’t in the same physical location as your colleagues? Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, is fully distributed, which means all of our communication is entirely online. If we can do it, so can you!