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  • Aaron Douglas: How Working Remote Saved My Life

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Aaron Douglas

    December 10, 2017 — Growing up I was that kid always taking appliances apart trying to figure out how they worked. I was also that kid that only tended to focus on things that were sciency and nerdy. I missed a lot of details growing up frequently feeling out of place when clearly other children knew what was going on and I again wasn’t listening.

    Entering adulthood I discovered this uniqueness had its challenges but I learned to cope and was successful at school and work. I also started developing health problems that cropped up slowly over the years – mostly attributed to weight gain and being less active physically.

    Four years ago I started working 100% remote. Within a couple months I realized my brain and my ways of dealing with the focus & attention issues weren’t compatible with remote work. I struggled a lot and finally talked to my doctor. Discovering I did in fact have ADHD helped me understand a lot. Working with a professional counselor I developed a set of tools to help with attention and focus issues working remote. A side effect of all of those efforts was a drastic improvement to my physical health.

    You’ll find out what tools have been successful for me and more importantly how to implement the changes in a way to set yourself up to succeed.

  • Rodrigo Donini: Livin’ La Vida WordPress

    WordCamp Porto Alegre 2017Speaker: Rodrigo Donini

    October 23, 2017 — [Português]
    Rodrigo Donini vai falar de sua experiência e esclarecer dúvidas sobre uma questão que muitos que são programadores freelancer se fazem: “é possível ganhar a vida com WordPress, trabalhando remotamente para empresas internacionais e aumentado sua qualidade de vida?”

    Rodrigo Donini talks about his experience and clears some doubts about the subject: It’s possible to work with WordPress remotely for international companies and increase your quality of life?

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  • Геннадий Ковшенин: Взаимодействие с WordPress через командную строку

    WordCamp Moscow 2017Speaker: Gennady Kovshenin

    October 7, 2017 — В своем докладе на WordCamp Moscow Геннадий расскажет про WP-CLI – инструмент для работы с WordPress из командной строки.

    Поговорим о том, что это такое, что нужно знать для начала работы и зачем вообще работать с WordPress из терминала. По ходу презнтации освежим в памяти основы SSH и удаленной работы с сервером.