Adding Users to Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

12 responses on “Adding Users to Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

  1. Bob

    I followed the procedure to add users to my blog. But here is my question. Once they are set up how do they actually post to the blog? I used a template to set up my web page and one of the pages has a blog. But it doesn’t have a way that a user can sign in to post. Is there something i need to add to the template

    Thanks for any reply


  2. gazzasonline

    Hi Bob, I too am struggling to add users to my blog, (it is not a hosted blog) simply a wordpress blog. Yet there does not seem to be an easy wasy to add users without inviting them to create their own blog.



  3. Accounting Teacher

    What is the difference between editor and contributor? I am not clear.


    • Michael Pick

      Contributors can add posts, but not publish them. Authors can add posts, upload media, and also publish their own posts. Editors have more control – they can edit other users posts or publish posts from any user.


  4. santafe4salebyowner

    If someone wants to leave a comment to a blog article I wrote, do they have to be a contributor or higher category, or is this not needed to respond to a blog?


  5. Jay Starnes

    Is there a way that people stopping by my site can create post of entry with me having to create a user account for everyone? Thanks for the help.



    • Ryan Markel

      There’s probably some moderately complicated way to enable this kind of functionality out there, but in general, yes, you will need to have a user account for everyone who would want to make a post. You can always turn on open registration in General Settings if you would like to allow people to create their own accounts.

      User accounts aren’t required to comment, but could be if you have set registration required in Settings : Discussion.


  6. chaex2

    How do you review a contributor’s post, or even get notified when they have created one?


    • Ryan Markel

      When a contributor submits a post, you should be able to find it in the Pending Review queue. Go to Posts > Edit, then click on “pending review” near the top to sort those articles.


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April 9, 2009

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In this short video Kenneth Watt of talks you through the process of adding additional users to your self-hosted WordPress blog.

You can download the Role Manager plugin by clicking here.

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