Eric Amundson: 5 Free Ways to Bulletproof Your WordPress Site

14 responses on “Eric Amundson: 5 Free Ways to Bulletproof Your WordPress Site

  1. Brian Applegate

    The video was unwatchable due to constant skipping and stopping.


  2. gamesfordinner

    Luckily this is one of the smart video players that continues to load in content when the video is paused, so if you’re having trouble just pause and wait for the entire thing to load.

    And curse sites that still use players that only buffer/stream when the video is playing.


  3. Michael Fields

    Eric, Thanks for the presentation – short and focused. I’m off to check out the relevanssi plugin right now… looks amazing!!!


  4. Eric Amundson

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    I had some skipping issues when watching yesterday, but it’s smooth as silk for me today.

    If you’d like to see my notes for this presentation, you can find them at:


  5. Fernando

    Hey Eric, they really give you only 5 minutes to explain all that stuff, don’t they? That presentation was something like ‘how to get better in WP in 5 minutes’. Awesome content and I really like it(and learn it) a lot.



    • Eric Amundson

      Glad you enjoyed it and learned something, Fernando. 🙂

      This was one of five or six Ignite sessions at WordCamp Seattle. Each presenter had 5 minutes and 20 slides on a 15 second rotation.

      I had to rehearse quite a bit ahead of time to be able to keep up.


  6. bmunchausen

    Excellent video. Great information. Perfect streaming quality. The info on site searching eye-opening.


  7. Alison

    Great presentation- any chance the slides could be available as a PDF download? (Or as a blog post? 🙂 )


  8. Alison

    (woops, should have checked your blog first, it’s there already. Would be good to know that!)


  9. Diego Ferrari Bruno

    Hey Eric Thanks for the tips and mainly for the written post on yoyur web-site so the deaf can know what this video is all about. It’s important for accessibility too!

    Thanks again


  10. Eric Amundson

    You’re quite welcome, Diego. 🙂


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September 26, 2009

Eric Amundson teaches quick, free, and effective ways to make WordPress installations more usable, accessible, secure, and satisfying—all in one five minute session.

Slides for this presentation are available here.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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