Building The Ultimate Website Content Map, Part One

16 responses on “Building The Ultimate Website Content Map, Part One

  1. ileaneb

    This is a good introduction to website planning. Thanks for this, it will be very handy for me when I migrate to a self-hosted WordPress.


  2. K77xx3


    What software is this?


  3. Scott Ellis


    I used MindJet MindManger but warning, it’s a little pricey. I also linked to a free tool called “FreeMind” that is a little less robust but essentially does the same thing as well as a copy of the map in the FreeMind format on my blog entry for this video.


  4. Scott Ellis
  5. ocube

    Thanks for this… am actually in the process of starting an online magazine so this came in handy!


  6. Marge

    Thank you. I’m just beginning, but this is helpful.


  7. Scott Ellis

    mikekavka, looks interesting, I’ll check it out. Haven’t run across that before.


  8. artfunhq

    As a newbie I had not even thought to be this organized with my content. I can really see how it will make the flow easy and fun. Love the concept … like all great ideas very obvious in hindsight. Thank you.


  9. Flatshare

    I currently use, but find it a bit awkward sometimes. I think i will give mindJet mindManger a look at for my next project.

    Just stumbled on today, i can see me being on here wayyy to much of the day now.



  10. Dean Banowetz

    Thanks for this great explanation. I often find that in the excitement of putting up a new blog I often skip some of the planning that is so important.

    I try to use a great free mindmap program for mac call MindNode.


  11. Barbara

    This is great stuff. I am a beginner and trying to start a website.


  12. Eric Putt

    Thank you, Scott! Great insight for focusing on the basics. You’ve organized my thoughts and direction and you’re right – the brainstorm was awesome fun! I enjoyed the visual presentation of the organization chart. I was quite able to relate it to my needs and ideas. It also inspired new questions and new ideas. Time to go to work – this is going to be cool!



  13. Laurence

    Thank you for this great explanation.
    I am trying to set up my website those day. This is so helpfull. Thx !


  14. Eugene

    Very useful! Thank you for doing it so clearly.


  15. Deandre Swearingin

    Zagoumenov, I’ve been using as a place to search for articles and blogs for link building opportunities. I ended up signing up for the Pro account which for me seems to be the most helpful aspect of I can save my keywords and keep them organized, and for me it’s a huge time saver because everything I need to do my link building is there. So for daily basis use it’s great because I can log in and instantly have my keywords there and search them and get the most current results. Plus I used to use Google blog to find link building opportunities and brings in Google blog and news results and others, I like Icerocket, so I’m not going to multiple sources for blogs and articles. I really like using it, try it out some more and hopefully it will be as helpful for you as it is for me; but, remember I use the Pro account so maybe try that and see what you think. Zagoumenov August 18, 2010 at 2:27 pm |


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December 14, 2009

Scott Ellis teaches an effective way to organize the myriad of content that will make up your website and keep things logically organized, consistent and on message.

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