Stephan Spencer: SEO for WordPress

3 responses on “Stephan Spencer: SEO for WordPress

  1. Jim W

    Here’s the slideshow only portion of the above WordCamp SF 2010 presentation by Stephan Spencer:


  2. Dealer Internet Ups

    I was hoping you would focus on SEO from a WordPress users perspective rather than a tutorial to the benefit of WordPress itself. I did find some of the tools you use to be potentially useful. If you write the plugin to take care of the issues I will definitely use it.

    Would you forward your best practices for SEO and is there any chance your daughter might step up to share her most successful techniques using SEO in her blog?


  3. Chris

    Dealer whatever – a little basic searching (ironic no?) turns up just what you asked for.


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May 1, 2010

Stephan Spencer shows techniques and pointers for optimizing WordPress for search engines in this lightning session.

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