Jeff Finkelstein: SEO Techniques

7 responses on “Jeff Finkelstein: SEO Techniques

  1. Bryan


    I am somewhat new to SEO, and with so many people claiming to have “the ultimate SEO solution,” your presentation was a breath of fresh air!

    Thanks for the time.



  2. Lynne Brotman

    Excellent information in your video. Thanks.


  3. ileaneb

    This was an excellent presentation.

    I would love to have the slides, hope you plan to post them soon. Cheers!


  4. Deb

    Absolutely incredible.

    You just summed up my last year of learning. I’m building sites right now based on SEO principles. I just took a video off my site, would that be considered graphics? Its title did include my meta keywords, as does my domain name.


  5. Jacob

    Jeff mentioned importance of inbound links but forgot to mention that all inbound links do not have same importance. If A gets 120 inbound links from websites that got page rank 1/2 but B gets 50 inbound links from websites that got higher page ranks than those 120 other sites, most likely B will do better in Google than A. He lost my attention.


  6. Jacob

    Bryan if you are new to SEO I will recommend you follow Matt Cutts. Just Google him. He is the head of Google anti spam team.


  7. Milan

    Jeff, thanks for the very useful video. You have given some good information on various SEO techniques. This was a superb presentation. Cheers!


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July 10, 2010

Jeff Finkelstein delves into the fundamentals of how search engines work, what they look for, and what you can do both on your website and external to your site to enhance your search engine optimization efforts. Learn about page rank, keyword density. inbound links, and more.

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