Ben Metcalfe: WordPress Optimization

6 responses on “Ben Metcalfe: WordPress Optimization

  1. Hazal

    Thanks! I never realize that Caching is important for Optz


  2. Doug Millington

    Wow – this was the best training video on how to optimize your WordPress site to increase your Pagespeed. Lots of golden nuggets. I stoped the video several times to do google searches and will come back to watch this again. Great stuff.


  3. Darin Hagre

    Great tips! Thanks!


  4. Jim Wagner

    Great video. Very generous guy.


  5. nehaverma21

    Really helpful video.Wordpress optimization is a necessary part for most of bloggers.


  6. Konstantin Kovshenin

    Delete inactive plugins because they’re still being loaded.

    This is not true. Inactive plugins are read from disk only when visiting the plugins management page, the active ones are loaded using the active_plugins option. Deleting a plugin may make your site faster by removing unnecessary options using uninstall.php


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