Amanda Blum – Hello World! – Sitemap to Success

8 responses on “Amanda Blum – Hello World! – Sitemap to Success

  1. Ian

    Amanda says the slides are online, but where? Have you got a link to them? Thank you.


  2. dingothedentdog

    Good Stuff Amanda, I just migrated to an all new site and Linux system through a suggestion from a GoDaddy tech and jumped into WP without any prior knowledge of it! SOOOO glad I did! I love it!

    Your talk was informative and helpful, would have liked to hear a bit more on how SEO optimazation plays into a simplified design. Specifically how posts vs pages can come into play!

    Nice job


    • Amanda Blum

      thx!.as i said in my talk, SEO optimization does not play a role in a simplified design. I’m far more concerned with turnkey and bouncerate than SEO stats.


  3. thewebprincess

    This was the standout talk for me at wcnz, thanks Amanda, glad to be able to direct my fellow Au peeps to it as well now it’s up here!


  4. Baron

    Great talk! Very helpful in planning for my next site redesign!


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June 24, 2012

“Figuring out what the site should say, how it should say it and where it should say it is two steps short of brain surgery.” says Amanda

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