Greg Taylor: What Is Your Site Without Content And What To Do About It

One response on “Greg Taylor: What Is Your Site Without Content And What To Do About It

  1. Peter

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the presentation. I felt it was one I had to watch, since I creating content is always my biggest problem. I initially set up my own little website, because I wanted something like an on-line business card, to allow people to find me on the web. That doesn’t take a whole lot of content!

    More recently, I have been having a long think about the ‘why’, as you called it in your presentation, so it was useful to hear your thoughts as I think about giving my site a big makeover and start writing content on a regular basis.


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March 1, 2014

This presentation gives you an overview of creating great content for your site that works with your goals. Be ready to leave the session and implement the simple things that will help your site.

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