Heather Johnson: Translate the Geek – Teaching Clients How to Use WordPress

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August 21, 2014

Technology can be intimidating. From the tools to the geek speak, many clients glaze over when they think about working with WordPress. By embracing the role of geek translator, you can train your clients to work within their site or at least be comfortable in knowing what they want done. Everyone has skills they bring to the table when working with a website but those skills may not be in understanding the terminology or function of WordPress. We will go over some simple steps and resources to help make the process of educating clients about WordPress go more smoothly and be more effective. By utilizing multiple training methods and tailoring your training to his/her level of understanding you can give your client the space in which to build confidence and understanding. Build long-lasting, healthy client relationships (and make money!) by learning how to translate the geek!

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