Jason Woolliscroft: How to Find, Hire & Manage Designers & Developers

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September 17, 2014

So you have an entrepreneurial idea. Maybe it’s in production but needs improvement or perhaps it’s not yet ready for launch… The fact is your idea matters and it needs to be built. You could hire an agency, but that’s expensive – you could find a freelancer, but which option is best? Where do you find qualified leads? How do you approach your prospects? Make the hire? Manage & fire?

I will be talking about the best ways to find, hire, manage and even fire designers and developers in the wild-wild-west of the webernets. I will be speaking from both sides of the aisle as I am a designer/developer that has been hired to work on various projects, and I’ve managed projects driven by agencies and freelancers alike. It truly is the wild-wild-west, so let’s go gold diggin’ together.

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