‘Business Development’ Videos

  • Pre-Selling A Premium Plugin With WordPress

    WordCamp Sydney 2019Speaker: Luke Carbis

    March 11, 2020 — This talk will include the theme / plugins we used, the method of validating License Keys, key decisions we made about the “Upgrade Path” UX, and how we manage a premium and free codebase.

  • Dwayne McDaniel: Everything Louder Than Everything Else! Navigating Stakeholder Needs Through Better Discovery

    WordCamp Baltimore 2017Speaker: Dwayne McDaniel

    October 20, 2017 — We have all been there: a project gets defined and scope set when suddenly a new requirement becomes a ‘must have’ from a key stakeholder. Surely this one off addition can’t hurt. But soon comes another one. And another. Until finally our original design has become ‘design by committee’ and no one is happy.

    Understanding how to ask the right questions up front can mean the difference between happy clients who are eager to give you more business and nightmare clients who can never be satisfied.

    This session will focus on delivering a better discovery process with all team members that not only uncover their individual goals, but uncover the big picture. We will discuss how to ask the right kind of questions. The ones that give you all the backup you need later to stand firm and calm the stakeholder down when the ‘one off’ requests come in.

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  • Sherry Walling: The Owner’s Dilemma – How to Stay at the Top of Your Game Without Burning Out

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Sherry Walling

    August 6, 2017 — You own a WordPress business. You’re someone in charge of driving the growth of a business in a competitive space. Your role may afford you many opportunities and benefits… maybe you’re living your dream. However, if you’re honest with yourself, you may also notice heavy psychological burdens like burnout, isolation, and the looming threats of stagnation and failure.

    Over time, the weight of these burdens can take a major toll on your physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, and professional edge.

    The good news is that a few simple strategies can help you enhance your longevity and life satisfaction. I will walk you through steps to help you better manage anxiety, find work-life integration, and become adept at reading and understanding your own personal well-being.

  • Sasha Endoh: Using WordPress for Good

    WordCamp Europe 2017Speaker: Sasha Endoh

    June 22, 2017 — If you’re tired of making websites just because it pays the bills then this talk is for you. Deciding to use my WordPress knowledge for good by working with non-profits and cause-based organizations wasn’t an easy step but one I will never regret. Now I want to share what I’ve learned about working with this niche of clients. I also want to encourage others to help those organizations work towards real change and tackle important issues, to help make their jobs a little easier. I’ll discuss a few strategies for getting started with this niche of clients, what their unique needs are and how you can best address them. We’ll also go over a few common misconceptions about working with non-profits (no it’s not charity work).

  • Karim Marucchi : How Do I Perform Effective Business Development …..On A Budget?

    WordCamp Orange County 2017Speaker: Karim Marucchi

    June 19, 2017 — WordCamp Orange County 2017 – Business Track
    HOST: Jeff Turner

  • Adam Silver: How To Grow Your Biz With WordPress and Podcasting

    WordCamp San Diego 2017Speaker: Adam Silver

    May 14, 2017 — Growing your business is about building trust and whats more trusting then your voice? Where writing a blog post may not come easy to people, speaking is very natural, and intimate. Podcasting is growing (once again) and it’s not that hard to do! In this session I’ll show the workflow, best practices and ways to monetize.

  • Adam W. Warner: WordPress as a Vehicle for Any Business – Visualizing and Achieving Success

    WordCamp Atlanta 2017Speaker: Adam W Warner

    April 15, 2017 — Adam left college with a degree in Advertising Design and went straight to work on the factory floor making office furniture. It wasn’t the life he’d imagined but having been raised in a blue-collar family, he was taught that a strong work ethic would make you invaluable to “the company” and “they” would provide the financial security and stability needed to raise a family and enjoy life. In other words, this meant working in the same stark metal building for thirty years with twenty-minute lunch breaks and 2 weeks vacation in the summer.

    In this session Adam will detail how he discovered WordPress and the open source community, the many businesses he’s experimented with, and how he’s utilized those experiences to continually fuel his entrepreneurial spirit and create his own path to a work/life balance and how you can too.

    No matter what your passion, WordPress can be an integral tool to helping you achieve your dreams and success in your own business.
    “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
    ― Babe Ruth

  • Adam W. Warner: Creating a Digital Download Business – What To Sell, How To Sell It and Shortcuts To Success

    WordCamp New Orleans 2016Speaker: Adam W Warner

    April 3, 2017 — In this session, Adam discusses the use of Easy Digital Downloads, a free plugin for creating a digital download eCommerce store in WordPress. Session attendees learn the basics of setting up an eCommerce store and Adam addresses how the phrase “digital downloads” doesn’t just refer to plugins, themes and other software.

    Adam also reviews a list of free and paid Add-Ons for EDD that enhance the end user experience, marketing process, and ultimately website revenue. He also talks about several third party tools and services that make managing and growing a digital download business easier and more rewarding.

    Whether audience members are bloggers, designers, teachers or hardcore developers, they will walk out of this session knowing they can offer digital content that others want and need.

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