Jennifer Saylor and Sarah Benoit: How Social Media Can Accomplish Your Business or Organizational Goals

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September 16, 2015

Just in case you forgot: Facebook and other social networks actually
serve a business purpose. If you want to generate a strong social
media ROI over time, connect your business goals to your efforts on
social media. Shift your energy to YOUR BUSINESS rather than the of
unending grind of creating content, and learn how to combine your
creativity with what your clients and customers want to produce
results. Then learn how to implement the right social media tracking
and reporting systems, so once you establish your company or
organizational goals, you’ll know when you’re hitting them. Find out
what data to evaluate regularly to refine your social strategy and
make sure it’s performing for your business and your bottom line. Make
social media work for you–without the burnout, aimless effort, and
inefficiency that waste the money and resources of so many businesses
and nonprofits.


– Learn an easy method to associate each social media site your business or organization uses with specific and even measurable financial, marketing, and communications goals
– Learn how to use Google Analytics data and other social site statistics to guide your strategy for reaching your social media marketing goals
– Learn how to communicate with your team that you have designed a results-oriented social media plan, and what data they can expect to review each month or quarter
– Take home a list of recommended social media tools designed for use with WordPress

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