Valerie Adler: Your Website? It’s Not For You!

3 responses on “Valerie Adler: Your Website? It’s Not For You!

  1. Shake It Up Creative (@ShakeItCreative)

    Brilliant Valerie! I could listen to you all day. 🙂 Meg x


  2. Sarah Stubbs

    Great talk Valerie, thank you for sharing lots of hints and tricks.


  3. Jocelyn Rodrigues

    Fantastic speech Val!

    Liked by 1 person

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January 8, 2016

The hardest thing for many clients to understand is the PURPOSE of their website… who it’s for (their customers) and what it’s supposed to do (attract new or more business). In SEO terms, the most important thing is the matter of relevance. Valerie asks: relevant to what, relevant to whom?

Understanding one’s client is the key to knowing how to present the content of the site. In this session, Valerie will discuss the importance of defining business objectives and identifying one’s target audience in creating content that both engages that audience AND satisfies Google’s directives on creating an SEO-friendly website.

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