Jeremy Pound: Gathering Sales Intelligence Through Web Design

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January 13, 2016

A new wave of website tools now allow us web designers to collect an abundance of data on our users behavior and actually associate it with an individual. While we’ve been using general tools like Google Analytics to refine our user interfaces and page designs for a decade, we’re now able to actually understand how each individual interacts with our website.

Imagine how you, and your clients, can use that information to improve the sales process!

In this presentation, I’ll show you how to uncover what customers want based solely on how they use your website. Specifically, how to better define sitemaps and website architecture for clients whose goal is lead generation.

Learn about the new tracking software that you should be recommending to your clients and learn how to implement this strategy through examples and real case studies.

This presentation is best for web designers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

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