Brian M Hilliard: How Freelancers and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Can Build Their Biz w/WordPress

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March 26, 2016

As a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, You’re Passionate About Your Work.
You offer great service at a great rate and clients love you for it. But here’s the thing…
Sometimes you get the feeling that you can be doing more great work with even more great people.
Except you don’t want to be that over the top, in your face “sales” guy to do it.
So the question becomes: How can you grow & market your business so you can impact even more clients, without compromising your values or integrity in the process?
During this fast-paced, highly interactive session, best-selling author Brian Hilliard will show participants:
– 3 Surefire Ways to build their business with WordPress…so participants can impact more people and do more great stuff with their clients!
– 2 Quick thoughts on how blogging with WordPress can get more “word of mouth” business…so participants can have a steady stream of referrals flow their way.
– 1 Amazingly simple formula on how Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs can effectively and ethically market their business with WordPress…without compromising their values or feeling “pushy” in the process.

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