Laura Lynch: Content Marketing: Building a Relationship of Trust

3 responses on “Laura Lynch: Content Marketing: Building a Relationship of Trust

  1. Leo Tulipan

    Reblogged this on Ing. Leonard Tulipan and commented:
    Gestern habe ich bei unserem Wiener WordPress Meetup einen tollen Vortrag gehört. Ich habe übrigens auch das Video produziert und werde das in Zukunft für Meetup wohl öfter machen, wenn es angenommen wird.


  2. buildcreate

    Wooo! “What’s the best way to kill a bad business?” is my new favorite question.


  3. residualincome183

    Very good video and a good reminder that building trust with the customer is one of the main reasons to do content marketing.


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July 7, 2016

Content Marketing: Building a relationship of trust by Laura Lynch (@darjeelingblend)

Have ever imagined to get more readers, followers, leads, prospect, clients, writing content on your blog?

With the right type of content, paying attention to SEO, and following a few rules, you can positively impact your business in a few easy steps. And WordPress is the best platform for it!

Laura Lynch is a freelance copywriter, content marketer, and researcher for several agencies in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. She creates and edits content for four different blogs, and is getting ready to publish an ebook on social media marketing for small businesses. She has been a speaker for Michigan Marketing Minds, and is a recent devotee of WordPress.

Laura will help us answer key questions, including:

• Which numbers matter on social media?
• How big is your audience?
• What is your engagement rate?

And many more!

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