Nevena Tomovic: How To Grow Your Business By Producing Quality Blog Posts

2 responses on “Nevena Tomovic: How To Grow Your Business By Producing Quality Blog Posts

  1. lewiscowles2015

    Great talk, I’ll be 100% honest; it is so much harder to author / produce good content than just being good at what you do. I’d also suggest that writing a good blog-post vs writing something awesome can be really hard to do (I don’t think any blog post I’ve ever written I haven’t wanted to delete after writing). How do you combat that urge?

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  2. nevenat1990

    Hey Lewis,

    Thanks for your comment. Yep I agree completely. I think the way to look at it, is that not everything you write can be really awesome, because if it were it would loose it’s value (it wouldn’t stand out), and writing consistently good posts is a big achievement. Now when you do get to throw in a particularly fantastic post in a sea full of good posts that’s even better!

    I want to delete everything too, including hide my MA dissertation that I spent a year on, so I think that’s a natural instinct. Sometimes trust when someone else tells you they like what you wrote, and relax nothing is perfect – that’s what makes it more fun 🙂

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December 29, 2016

Blogs are perceived as non-fee earners, as it were, and reasonable questions are asked about how blogging will add value to the bottom line. Can a business blog directly generate revenue and how? My presentation will discuss the essential role blogging plays in lead generation, community building, customer support and establishing authority. Blogging is about driving long-term results; so be patient and get your Blog On!

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