Petya Raykovska: Growing Together – Thoughts on the Global WordPress Community

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March 23, 2017

“WordPress has been a project beyond borders since inception. Its global community has been growing for the past 14 years and nowadays millions of people around the world speak WordPress.

The story of WordPress is the story of multicultural collaboration. From code to events and translations, thousands of people work together every day to make the software that powers 27% of the web.

In 2013, the first WordCamp Europe jump started several local communities in European countries and inspired hundreds of people to start contributing back. Having existed mostly in the shadows of the contributing efforts since 2003, the WordPress Polyglots team is now gaining strong momentum while its 17 000 strong volunteer team is working tirelessly to remove the language barriers for users. In 2016 the team organized the 2 largest online WordPress contributor days to this day with more than 800 people joining to translate in 132 languages.

This talk tells the story of how WordPress – the project we know and love, helps shape a modern way of working together and doing business – beyond the boundaries of office spaces and cultural stereotypes.”

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