Krystal Galewski and Leah Halbina: Finding Your Pot of Gold Isn’t About Luck: How to Prospect, Nurture and Close the Right Clients

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April 15, 2017

Every company’s biggest challenge is finding and closing sales. Finding your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow doesn’t involve luck or getting past the leprechaun. Our joint talk (Leah Halbina, Account Manager & Krystal Galewski, Business Development Specialist) will dive into and provide guidance on this common struggle for big companies, small companies and freelancers alike. At emagine, our Business Development & Sales team is on the front lines of finding the companies we want to work with, attracting the right contacts, nurturing prospects and closing the deal. We know first-hand that it’s not an easy task but we also know it’s not impossible. In a world where tactics are constantly changing, it’s important to be strategic. Making it about your prospect (and not completely about you and your business) can go a long way in a world of standardized sales emails and boilerplate proposals.

First, prospector Krystal Galewski will talk about:
– Defining your ideal client
– Identifying the companies you want to work with
– Finding the right contacts
– Attracting and nurturing prospects

Then, Leah (“The Closer”) will discuss:
– Researching and understanding a potential client and their world
– Creating a personalized proposal
– How to set yourself apart and seal the deal

We know from experience that this approach works because our close rate has improved dramatically since making changes nearly a year ago. This talk is for anyone who is out there trying to find and win new business. Applying these steps and the principles we’ll share to your business can help you grow if you’re ready to get out there and make the change.

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