Lauren Jeffcoat: Gaining a Global Audience – The Importance of Website Translation

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April 15, 2017

Global marketing takes more than just enabling traffic to your website from other countries. Encouraging multilingualism and cultural diversity will help determine how involved your business can be with the online world. In this presentation I will discuss WHY it is important to cater to foreign audiences in their native languages and why translation is the next step to grow a global business.

I’ll cover the importance of translation being done correctly and some of the best tools and practices that are widely available for WordPress website translation. This will include:

How Translation (or lack of) can Affect your Business Reputation
Common Mistakes or Mistranslations
Ways to Connect with your International Audience

I will have a special section on optimizing eCommerce websites for different languages. This will include how to create a pleasant experience that encourages your consumers to convert, return, and advocate for your business.

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