Sasha Endoh: Using WordPress for Good

2 responses on “Sasha Endoh: Using WordPress for Good

  1. hear2014

    In her talk, Sasha mentioned NTEN’s community forum for non-profit WordPress. It’s at


  2. Cindy Ancrum

    I totally enjoyed your talk Sasha!! You have inspired , empowered, and finally helped me decide on who it is I want to serve, based off of what it is that they ( as well as their company) stand for! Can you be of help in providing a resource of potential mentors in the Non-Profit Tech sector (Full Stack developers)? Thank you sooooooooooooo much! You are definitely on my radar;)

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June 22, 2017

If you’re tired of making websites just because it pays the bills then this talk is for you. Deciding to use my WordPress knowledge for good by working with non-profits and cause-based organizations wasn’t an easy step but one I will never regret. Now I want to share what I’ve learned about working with this niche of clients. I also want to encourage others to help those organizations work towards real change and tackle important issues, to help make their jobs a little easier. I’ll discuss a few strategies for getting started with this niche of clients, what their unique needs are and how you can best address them. We’ll also go over a few common misconceptions about working with non-profits (no it’s not charity work).

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