Stoney deGeyter: Whip Your Website Into Shape – A 5-Point Online Marketing Training Regimen

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July 6, 2017

Online, everything’s a competition. If your website isn’t healthy enough to compete, you lose, which can be detrimental to the profitability and viability of your business. If you want your business to win the online marketing race — or at least place in the top 10 — you have to train for it, just as you would if you were preparing for an actual, physical race.

In this session, I will provide you with a five-point training regimen that will help you whip your WordPress website into shape and make it a true contender in online marketing.

1. Learn what website architecture issues to look for and what tools will help you detect them
2. Discover the role of keyword research in today’s online marketing landscape and how to properly optimize content
3. Understand content’s role in online competition
4. Learn social media’s threefold role in your website’s health and how it impacts search rankings
5. Know what usability issues you should be testing to make using your site effortless for visitors

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