Robin Macrae: SEO With Structured Data

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October 25, 2017

Are you serious about SEO? Do you want to attract more clicks by making your pages stand out in search results?

It began with an open community effort led by Google to promote standard structured data in a variety of online applications. Designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query, this text-based organization of data is included in a page or app and served from the web.

Websites see more and better search generated traffic by adding to their pages structured data for their products, events, organization, people, contact information and other things. By implementing markup, you can promote the content in your site and see more attractive and useful snippets in SERPs. Google hasn’t made structured data a ranking factor yet but you can see for yourself that structured data improves your click through rate. markup is a must for everyone serious about their website’s search engine optimization.

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