Tammie Lister: Getting to know Gutenberg

One response on “Tammie Lister: Getting to know Gutenberg

  1. Sheri

    * 2:52 – What is Gutenberg?
    * 3:15 – Why switch to a block-based editor?
    * 4:10 – Gutenberg Vision
    * 4:47 – Gutenberg Myths
    * 7:54 – A design principle for blocks
    * 12:04 – A look inside (a tour of the inside of Gutenberg)
    * 16:41 – “Gutenberg DOES NOT need a theme to work.”
    * 16:54 – “What would an ideal theme be for Gutenberg?”
    * 19:59 – Technical overview
    * 21:06 – The future…
    * 22:58 – Get involved

    “Ultimately, the vision for Gutenberg is to make it much easier to author rich content. Through ensuring good defaults, wrapping and bundling advanced layout options into blocks, and making the most important actions immediately available, authoring content with WordPress should be accessible to anyone.” —Gutenberg Design Principle







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November 11, 2017

Gutenberg is the name for the new editor focus in WordPress. What is it? Why is it important? In this talk I will take you through a rough guide to the project. How it began and why it’s needed. Then, I’ll show you where the projects is currently at and finally how you can also get involved. Join me and get to know Gutenberg.

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